Flashing, unexpected glimpses

We all know males, it seems, from about the age of 5 on drool when they get a glimpse of a girl's panties or lack of, when she bends, sits, or just accidentally exposes her self. For some this applies to nipples or boobs as well.

My question is does this apply to females as well. Do girls/ladies see it as exciting, or gross, if a guy is accidentally exposed or is going commando and you get a glimpse of his junk?

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  • Depends wat it looks like I worked at a store and people don't know how to knock or lock doors and I walked in on teens to old men one time this boy about 13 maybe didn't lock door and his pants wouldn't come up and he started getting hard and tried to hide it from me and it was way to late and it embarrassed him bc he got hard lol but probably the cutest woody I saw and I got walked in on and the guy and boy both froze lol the boy n dad Saw me bend over to pull my panties up and I turned around the boy was jaw dropped and dad left n the boy stayed so I took my panties back down n let him see front of me and I could tell he was amazed and I watched his eyes and they starred at my uncovered pussy and I got so wet still wonder if his. Wiffe know

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  • I once knew a guy who flashed the girl in the drive thru lane at McDonald's, now he's a registered sex offender... for life!

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  • I'll look! Depends on who I'm with if anybody on how much I will show that I see or enjoy it.

    Honestly cocks are not that big of attraction or look much different peaking out. I'm more inclined to enjoy a female flashing especially if she's shaved and got nice shape.

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  • I'm not talking raincoat purposeful flashing. I'm talking accidental or semi accidental. I mean if he's going commando in loose or short shorts it may not be so accidental. But he's not just hanging it out there either.

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  • I remember when i was a young child my dad was getting in the shower once and I walked in the parents bedroom to grab something and he had like a 14 inch dong swinging all over knocking things off the shelves with it, like outta control er whatever, like too much to control . I was like I hope mine grows like that one day. Explain this.

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