Feminist waitress bit my hotdog

So, I just need to know if this is normal because it has happened on multiple occasions.

I'm constantly being used by women, who are conspiring against me in hopes of a free meal.

The other day, I was dining at a Michelin 5 star establishment, called applebees, and after I had ordered, i noticed my hotdog had a bite in it when it arrived at my table. I inquired to my waitress, wondering what was happening.

She promptly replied. 'That's not your hotdog, its OUR hotdog.this is a date. We're on a date, and you're buying. It's the man's job'

I tried to tell her i wasn't attracted to her. I'm a homosexual. She didn't listen and took a large glug of my drink and slapped the check on the table.

She then said "thanks for dinner. Hey can you watch my rabbit?" And proceeded to throw a rabbit on the table and disappear.

Is this what gender equality looks like????

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