Feel like you're losing control of your body

I mean literally. It feels like someone controlling my body to do things, like walk into a place i would rather not walk to.

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  • Talk to a doctor about it. It kind of sounds like it could be a neurological issue of some sort. Definitely get it checked out.

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  • I think you should talk to a therapist if you're for real, you shouldn't feel like someone is taking control of you

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  • My older sister has this sometimes. Not involuntary movements, just doing things she's not aware of. Will be having coffee and talking to her when she's wearing a robe, and she'll start opening up, flapping the sides, or tying and untying the sash. Also has a long-time habit of raising the bottom of her shirt, to about mid-ribs, and scratching her bare tummy, up and down. It's incredibly sexy and teasing, and lot of time, she doesn't know she's doing it.

    Example: We were visiting a friend's house over the holidays, and I went downstairs with her for a smoke break..Her to smoke, me to get away from people for a few minutes and time with her. She's puffing away, chatting, then, boom..Shirt goes up to her bra, and she's scratching and traversing her long nails up and down her flat, tanned midsection. I asked "Shirt itching your tummy?", and she looked down and said..Oh..I didn't even know I was doing this..Here I am, shirt up to my boobs! It's a subconscious thing.

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  • I have depersonalization / derealization . I have never felt in control on my body or mind since i was 12 .

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