Feared of driving test

failed once i used to play racing games and stuffs but iam feared of driving test. i learned driving from driving school. no experience in driving. I am an introverted person. i don't use to talk to a lot of people. I feel like class is not enough. i have to continue class and practice. but my teacher is not letting me do it. he is telling me that's enough. but i didn't feel that way. now I am feared that i will never be able to drive. I don't want it to happen. because I know it's an important thing in this timeline

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  • You're feared of driving test? Do you wish to generate more fear in people out there who finally see you driving?

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  • Practice a lot and pay close attention to details. On the test they look at the details a lot. There's a lot of youtube videos made by driving instructors where they're driving with a camera in the car and commenting the whole time, and other types of videos as well. You get a lot from those in terms of detail. If you can drive privately with someone from your family, a friend or whatever that is good. Remember to stay calm, but not too calm. At the test they can fail you just for seeming too nervous, but they can also fail you for being too relaxed because it seems like you overestimate your abilities. It's quite harsh which is why you need as much practice as possible. And soon as you do something wrong on the test if that happens which is very likely in such a nerve wrecking situation, make sure to say it out loud so you don't seem stupid and like you have no idea what you're doing.

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  • You are gonna pass eventually. Everyone does

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