Fear of choking

I have had extra spicy anxiety this year and for months since last year I experienced a tight throat every single day. Very bad and choking like sensation.
This has made me develop a strange new fear which is fear of choking. I chew my food very carefully it takes a very long time for me to eat. Every now and then I spit things out in a napkin, I avoid eating anything with peel like apples. I throw away a lot of food on my plate. It makes me eat too little and ive lost my appetite too. I get cravings sometimes but not for food. I eat little food. It is very hard when I have to chew so much I just chew and chew and chew because im scared to swallow it and what if it gets stuck. I have not told anybody this. I throw food I dont bother eating secretly. I have also developed fear of allergies. Somethings I eat very carefully because what if I get allergic reaction choke and die.

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  • The biggest thing is dont breath through your mouth when youre eating. Choking happens when you are inhaling through your mouth while there's food in your mouth. It causes the food to go into your airways. If you breath threw your nose only when eating your chances of choking are very low.

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