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I have a fear that our great country would be overrun pretty soon by different heritage and ethnicity. We see a great number of immigrants and blacks marrying white women. This results in mixing up the races and culture. Is it wrong to think like this? Just don't know the reason women prefer black dudes now.

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  • You need to mix up the races in order to prevent disease and birth defects. It actually creates stronger, healthier children.

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  • I've never noticed white women preferring black men, I surprisingly rarely see interracial couples for how many foreigners live here these days.
    Why is it even an issue either way though? Let people date whom they want and who cares if people make mixed babies or not. Focus on the real issues instead in this world.

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  • You seem jealous.

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  • I think it's racist of you to see ethnic diversity as an inherently undesirable thing. I would say yes, it is wrong to think like that.

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  • Women (as a whole) don't _prefer_ black dudes. They're just increasingly an _option_ even amongst non-blacks, and that's good.

    As for your other points, I see what you're saying and ask this: Who gives a fuck?

    In the future the concept of race will have died due to tens of thousands of generations of "racial mixing". I welcome this honestly.

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  • So??

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  • I dont think most white women prefer black dudes. Maybe the wanna be black girls do. But most white girls date white guys.

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