Fat chics can be heard

I often advise fat people to try to take up intermittent fasting to lose weight. And usually if a fat girl gets wind of my statement she comes waddling up to me and says "You have to be careful. You can cause people to have eating disorders. Anorexia is a real thing and its serious." But the way I see it is if you're fat as fuck you already have an eating disorder.
If you are ok with being 300 pounds what makes you believe you wont be ok with just being a natural healthy weight? Why do we assume that they will learn about fasting and keep not eating until they die once they lose the weight? They're already cool with being fat as hell apparently. So I dont think these people have the motivation nor the capability to starve themselves to death.

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  • I’m not going to claim I’m a nutritionist but I just looked up intermittent fasting and not eating 2 days a week sounds like it could drain someone who was having to work or study long hours and needed energy. The right thing for you will not be right for everyone.

    Also if these people are content in being overweight why are you trying so hard to advise them? Their weight isn’t your problem, not your monkeys not your circus.

    I do agree that binge eating disorder needs to be recognised more and greater support should be available to those who suffer from it. “Eating your feelings” is trivialised far too much.

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    • Naw you dont wanna fast for 2 days straight. Only a few hours a day. Like you'll skip breakfast and lunch everyday for a few days a week.

      Also I am so morally superior than everyone that disagrees with me so of course I am obviously looking in the best interest of our old people and children, UNLIKE YOU (bigot). I choose to force people to be healthy in order to keep our medical resources from being overrun! Since heart disease is the number 1 killer. We only need 3 years to "flatten the curve" (get it...the curve? 😂😂😂)

      Think about the children. This isnt forcing you to wear a mask... erm uh I mean eat healthy. Im forcing you because I care about our children who may miss out on treatment due to the resources being overun. If you disagree you obviously dont love children....like me.

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  • I’m sitting in bed with a massive bag of Doritos right now. My only complaint is that the seasoning is just never enough and not evenly spread.

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    • I hope you use a plate, or else you'll be sleeping in dorito chips tonight

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    • I hate Doritos. They're so salty, messy, and delicious. I'll go through an entire bag, then afterwards hop on a treadmill while having a major freak out.

      Then the next time I wind up with them in my possesion, I'll think about the last time I ate a bag and then I'll go "is it worth it again?".

      I'll take a bite and be like "Yes!" Then the cycle repeats.

      Why is junk food so tasty? XD

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  • Humans are mostly water and not fat but flooded

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