Fat acceptance movements bother me. is it normal?

Lots of people on tiktok, Instagram, YouTube will be promoting fat acceptance.

Read an actual post I saw on Instagram "BMI means nothing I stand at 5'2 198 pounds and I am considered obese by my BMI. Take a good look at me. I may not work out but I do watch what I eat and only eat organically. As an American I am considered to be obese. This is the problem we face as a society. Where we are judged by a number. I am no different than the average women, I'm a healthy, average weight. I may look like you, your friends, your family, your neighbors. This is not obesity.

It got 30k likes..lots of comments saying yes preach...

Is it normal this bothers me? Be whatever weight you want but don't live in denial and make others believe they're healthy too...

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  • I hate everything about the fat acceptance here's reasons why:

    - They keep comparing weight with race ( when they aren't even comparable ), also adding the fact that they continue to try and make racial tension when it's not needed

    - They also keep on saying the littlest thing is "fatphobic" like for e.g. they would say things like " Oh if you lose weight then you're fatphobic " and there I'm like " Bitch shut the fuck up "

    - They also seem to love to go after people for losing weight.

    - They like playing the victim and are like " Oh poor me I'm oppressed ", the thing is fat people are not oppressed they just want to be in denial.

    This is why I will always be against the fat acceptance.

    I would list other reasons but I won't do it here.

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    • I agree. It's like every other movements, where the people complain over the littlest things and take offense to everything. They take it to the extreme. Like how if you don't want to date someone who's trans, then you're automatically labeled transphobic, Or if you don't give a woman a job she applies for, she automatically says you're a misogynist.

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    • Yeah, that bullshit pisses me off. You know my cat who wasn't really a big, fat kitty, he was maybe a little chubby, died of a heart attack. Well, about about a week ago my therapist had a mild heart attack, and while she could perhaps stand to slim down some, but she's certainly not obese. Anyway, I probably could stand to lose some weight myself for the sake of my health with regard to heart attack, stroke, risk of developing diabetes, joint health and lessening the effects of osteoarthritis. The last thing I would ever want to hear is some gross Jabba the Hutt person saying that being a fatty boomba latty is healthy. I'm not trying to meet anyone else's beauty standards one way, or the other, because I know I looked pretty good, and got a lot of attention when I was young woman, I'm just trying not to get sick, injure myself, or die.

      That reminds me, where is that beautiful, inspirational Puerto Rican girl, Cuntsiclestick? Gotta love a nice person in a hat!

      Sorry for the parts of my comment that sound like a rant. I just think it's really important to get, and stay in shape for the sake of health, and that people who who lose weight, and get in shape deserve to be applauded, and lifted up as good examples. I'm just too old, and grouchy to deal with, or care about people who are jealous, and too lazy, and or undisciplined to lose the weight. There's this one model who has a very beautiful face, but is obese, and very much into fat acceptance. I don't appreciate the bad example she sets. I think her name is Tess Holiday.

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      • Ever since the day that Tess Holliday's brother called her out for being a toxic person I'm starting to find it more credible especially the fact that Tess's books contains lies, she would steal other people's tragedies and use them in her own fortune, write things that were never true according to Tad Hoven ( Tess's brother ) she was described as a narcissist and that none of what was told in the book was true. She was ( probably still is ) the type of person to lie about anything including having anorexia nervosa.

        Also how Tess's brother explains that Tess was in fact a high school bully ( which could also explain her real self )

        In fact, for the past years, she has been lying to people.

        What her brother said seems to fit into why everyone hates Tess to begin with and I can't really blame them.

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  • What culture are they from? If they are from the south pacific region that may be a totally normal body build - and they are not overweight (there are several island chains where the people are genetically very wide - and very heavy for their height compared to other genetic cultures).

    BMI was developed based on a specific segment of white people... It's known to not be accurate for other body shapes. I have a tall torso (and cannot wear normal dress or some other types of shirts because they won't tuck into my pants). I need to buy "Tall" shirts. My BMI is off from that; but, not by much.

    On the other hand; if the person is of white European descent. 198 lb at 5'2" is going to be obese... and the person is in denial.

    The correct number is % body fat; but that can only accurately be determined in a special lab... and it's rarely ever done as the equipment is rare: They weigh you and then put you in a tank and measure the volume of water you displace (and may also weigh you or your buoyancy in while in the water).

    I think the University of Wisconsin Medical School has the only set-up for that in Wisconsin.

    Everything else is an approximation, with varying degrees of accuracy.

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  • Yep, normal. It’s just another thing for people to feel special and another badge/title/identity to wear. It’s one thing to have a positive self image and not mind your body if it isn’t ideal or what you’d like, it’s another to act proudly as if how your body is normal and healthy, when you could be on the way to various health conditions…

    Life being fat is uncomfortable and awkward. There’s not a ton to be proud of. I don’t have to be a ashamed of it, but I have every reason to lose weight. I’m morbidly obese considering my BMI is like 40 for a 6’2 under 300lb male in his mid 30s.

    Fatphobics are freaking bonkers with what they’re preaching. It’s absolutely mind boggling how little they understand; babies don’t grow up to be morbidly obese, and if they do there’s something wrong, not right; the same goes with grown ass adults. The reason you’re fat? You probably emotionally ate a bunch in your teen and 20s years, and perhaps have a genetic predisposition, but I’d lean on the overeating on comfort foods, etc. Now you accuse people of being fat phobic, chair designers on airplanes being fat phobic because they don’t accommodate your overweight ass. It’s just a giant movement based in denial and self-centeredness; the world revolves around them and their issues when it doesn’t; and they don’t want to admit they are in a minority and that’s just life; they don’t want to admit they have a problem and need to fix it.

    It’s insane, frankly.

    The other day I was at a department store and I got scared to crap because I almost thought a person was next to me when it was a very full-figured mannequin.
    I get it, acceptance and inclusion, but being fat and obese shouldn’t be normalized, even if a growing percentage of the population is becoming so. Look at world history and I doubt you’ll see obesity as a common characteristic of native or civilized peoples. More often, people worked hard enough to keep the weight off, or there was famine or drought, and only those in royalty became fat due to easy access to excess.

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  • Agreeing with a fat person that they look good and are healthy, isn't that like agreeing with a person born one gender who claims to be another?

    There is no more objective reality anymore. It's all about "our own personal truths."

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  • I bet that chick was fat as hell. Yea im anti fat. Idc body shaming needs to come back at least people used to be somewhat healthy.
    Plus fat people are just gross and hearing the fatass wheeze every second and half drives me fucking insane

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  • 198 pounds you say...... https://ibb.co/qjdHY3G

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  • No, that’s not normal. Fat people have a right to exist. As someone who struggled with ED for years and years, we live in a very discriminatory society that only caters to skinny people even if they’re not healthy.

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  • No problemo.

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  • ... but not all women are like that. I'm certainly not at my ideal weight, but I'm not gonna say that I should accept it, because I know it's bad for my health. I think if those fat acceptance sows were thin they would be more judgmental of so called fat people than what they think the people who are supposedly judgmental of them, because it's their nature to be full of themselves; and they're just clueless people whose egos, and self opinions don't reflect reality.

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  • Fatty fatty boom ba latty!

    For the most part I don't care too much about this bullshit. As long as I'm not inconvenienced by a morbidly obese person, and I don't have to listen to a big, fat person complain about how they don't like diet food, or salads, or whatever. Don't tell me that I should be attracted to a guy who is fat, and gross. I don't want fat acceptance weirdos telling me that I'm fine at my my current size/weight when I know I need to lose some weight, and get in better shape. I could also say that I don't want to deal with crazy, morbidly obese women who are jealous when I shape up, and see it as almost some sort of betrayal. Thankfully I am kinda less than social, and don't personally know any bloated toad, Jabba the Hutt people.

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  • BMI was invented by Belgian Adolphe Quetelet. BMI is bunk. Gullible people believe in it because the Doctor enforces BMI. The inventor didn't want BMI to be used as wellness metric. Americunt Physiologist started it using it as such. Most Doctors are scumbags. Well, "the Doctor says" idgaf. Doctor is always right mentality began in 1900's. There's nothing inherently wrong with body positivity movement, it's patriatic delusion that you are well at every size since after hundreds/thousands of pounds puts strain on your knees, kidneys, heart.

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  • Its the fall of the west. I miss how normal life was in the early 2000s. Things have really gone crazy lately. Probably china behind the scenes pulling the strings to divide us. If you think of the best way to destroy a country from within its everything happening right now. Then you look at china and theyre doing the opposite and they're growing in power bout to take over the world.

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