Family and friends discourage you from trying new career

I love my family and my friends. However when I have tried to look into getting another job or trying for a new career they always discourage me and just talk about all the negatives of the job I want to go for until I give up going for it. It's really hurtful they never want to back me up for making my life better. I don't understand why they do this they are loving and supporting in other areas of my life but never when it comes to work.

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  • I have the same issue. Trust in yourself.

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  • people people and more people's opinions!! please stop giving a ear to other peoples opinions and live your own life, after all live a life which you wont regret in another 30 year's time..

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  • Really depends on the types of careers you're going after. Also that pressure from them is good in a way - drives you to succeed. I'd be worried if they just let you go into any career willy-nilly with no critical thought.

    There's a line from the old Ben-Hur movie that I heard paraphrased somewhere: "Anger drives a man to live." The original quote was: "Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength."

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