Falsified tubal ligation-insurance fraud(oklahoma)

I had a doctor who,so I thought, preformed a tubal ligation on me.
I went in for surgery,they put me under and blew up my abdomen with air. There was a surgical site afterwards.. so the Tubal was complete, So I THOUGHT....
Years later,I become pregnant(2013),I did carry the baby to full term and had him via C-section. My OBGYN had heard about the Tubal that a doctor had preformed prior to the pregnancy that led me to him for prenatal care. My Ob thought it was quite odd that I'd become pregnant after a tubal ligation. So the day of my C-section,as I'm laid out,wide open, on this table,my Ob doctor asks my Fiance to "come look at this",so he goes around the blue sheet to see exposed parts of me I've never ever seen,all to show my Fiance proof that my tubal ligation was nothing more than insurance fraud. They had Never ever even kind of been tied, touched, burned, nothing!! Are there statues of limitations on suing this doctor?

Also,I called this doctor's office and according to the receptionist,I did not have anything on file...


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