Faith should be the definition of keeping it real

It's like I said. And I shouldn't define keeping it real as being myself, different people are different people, they don't follow groups.

Do you think you're a real quirky man by adopting other people's beliefs? No way, quirky people don't keep it real, they have no groups and no cultures, they are their own invention, and they don't follow groups of any kind like autism, schizophrenia, ADD, idiocy, retard or anything like that, they're singular people, they're just quirky.

And furthermore if I chose normality it's my choice, why should I have a breakdown just because you're different? It's not related, it's not unique, weird, eccentric or anything like that, it's convention, the subject is conformity.

Another point of keeping it real I should be a Christian, faith should be my definition of keeping it real, I should have cute beliefs like "normal is maturity", I should be the responsible man writing and developing and also changing the world.

I should be the one who's like my mother a Christian and I shouldn't be myself, faith should be keeping it real.

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  • Faith is the opposite of keeping it real; it's belief without evidence, quite literally.

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    • There's a definition in Urban Dictionary that says true to oneself, one's life and one's faith. But I haven't kept it real in a while, I'm real based on fact.

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