Exercise for aching feet.. help?

I am 65 year old man. is it normal for shoes to make my feet to ache after 10 min doing dishes, is there any remedy for this?? what kind of exercise? shoes I wear are Rockports, and Sketchers both kill my feet after 10 min doing standing work.

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  • Are you overweight? Do you have any problems with your knees?

    Where's the pain on your feet? Have you considered seeing a specialist?

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  • Epsom salt soak and maybe try getting orthotics.

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  • Use heel support products.

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    • also apply warm compresses when they hurt. Also OTC diclofenac ointment.

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  • I'm 71 and had the same problem. The podiatrist recommended cushion orthotics that helped a lot. I got them at a sporting goods store but there's also a chain called Happy Feet.

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