Evicted people had the best stuff.

My significant other and I were in the car coming home from our jobs when he noticed a pick up truck go by that was filled with toys, household items, and clothes. He wondered where the driver got the stuff.

I told him it was probably stuff that was thrown out.

I then told him that when I was a kid, my family looked though trash for stuff and we'd find a lot of good stuff. Mostly from evicted people. They'd usually have the nicest stuff. My parents would take so many collectable things, sell them to pawn shops and ensure we had money for necessities. Those houses usually meant we'd have more than one meal. Some items they found became Christmas gifts, room furniture, and things they can gift to others. A lot of the toys, comic books, and electronics were brand new still in the box. Other families would do it too for the same reasons.

Seriously, why weren't these people doing more to guard their treasures?

I told him I have good memories digging though stuff and finding treasure. And that guy in the truck found his treasure.

My family stopped doing it some time ago because we heard of a hoarder who got eaten alive by bed bugs for taking home some toys.

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