Everything that isn't leisure feels like work?

Even things that should be fun for me suddenly become work if I'm held to a schedule, and I just hate work in general. I don't want to pursue a career in anything I really love doing because past experience has told me that I may start hating it as a result.

For instance, I love video games. I also love writing. I tried writing about video games and made a few bucks, but it all felt forced. Why can't I still enjoy things even when I'm doing them on a schedule for other people? Isn't that what a dream job is supposed to be? Is there any way to hate work less?

And, restating the title question, is it normal for these situations to always feel like work no matter what I'm doing?

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  • If you can AFFORD to sit on your ass and do nothing, go for it. But if you want to sit on your ass and collect welfare paid for by us working stiffs then I have an issue.

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    • Hating work doesn't mean I'm unemployed. I was just asking if it's normal to dislike something I used to like doing just because I made a job out of it. I work a regular day job, I've just been disappointed with side projects I've tried to get into.

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  • So just do whatever you want. You don't need a career.

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