Euphoric feeling before period

So at least once every 2nd month I get a euphoric feeling before my period starts. How I can describe this feeling is like if a part of me were to exist in a different spiritual realm. It's a spiritual high and positive feeling. Then shortly after, I get very intense cramps and my period starts.

Is this normal or at least a relatable experience?

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  • One doesn't generally hear the words period, and euphoric together.

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    • Lol I know 😂

      I did some research and apparently it's like a pms hallucination. Not a lot of women go through this because of the use of painkillers (ibuprofen). I for one am against using any type of ibuprofen unless it's really that bad.

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  • No but I wish I did

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  • Damn all I get are sore tits, cravings and mood swings.

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  • I'm not sure if this counts as a relatable experience, but when I had cramps, I'd feel sick and vomit like crazy. But once they went away, I got this burst of energy and this feeling that I can tackle any task.

    After I started taking birth control pills, I stopped getting cramps, and after a while, it stopped my period from coming. I'm glad it's gone. Have you considered the pill to help regulate your period?

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  • Fuck no, I wish

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  • Ur body is getting rid of all the joy of life and getting ready for hell im sorry <3

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