Empathize with people but still not care about them

I can generally deduce what people are feeling or how they are perceiving a situation, indicating high emotional intelligence. But despite the ability to relate and understand people, I couldn’t care less about strangers. In other words I do not sympathize. I go above and beyond for friends and family, but strangers.. nothing.
I think it’s bizarre because typically strong empathy leads to sympathy but for me I’m only inclined towards either if I know the person

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  • same.

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  • I believe you are confused. Empathy is not reading someones mind. It's being able to place yourself in their same situation. You cannot feel empathy without caring, because empathy is thinking about others as you feel. Unless of course you are sociopathic or psychotic, in which case emotions would either elude you or in the case of psychosis, escape your perception.

    I am not implying you are either btw. 🙂

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    • Ya, updated for more appropriate use of empathy. I’d still say abnormal though :P

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      • Glad you updated but its not correct. Empathy is placing "yourself" in someone elses shoes. It's impossible not to sympathize with someone you feel empathy for.

        You know yourself, so if you feel empathy, it doesn't matter wgo it's for, because empathy means it's you, not a stranger.

        I guess i suck explaining.

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