I have only realized this in the last few months but, I am completely emotionless. I do not care about anyones suffering, I view other people as naive and weak, I have no social ambitions whatsoever and really just wish I could get away from everyone.

I am not depressed, I know that as a fact. I have A grades with several B's for the most part. I just don't care for other people whatsoever. I watched the news about the Victorian Bushfires and did not feel once....whatever emotion is measured with. I just didn't care.

I am fine with this and wish other people would accept it but if they don't, that's their problem.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting enough to hear what other people think about it.

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  • You are not alone and i understand it.
    I'm emotionless since i was child , my parents loved me much , but i dont feel anything back for them. I don't feel happy about anyone or anything.With years i learned how to "show" emotions so others don't looks strange at me when they say i joke or something sad happens.
    I do what others expect from me I'm best in class , but i don't feel happy about it , its just what others expect from me.
    I feel happy about me very rare , i don't feel lifeless . Its just i don't feel anything

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  • don't listen to any of these people (especially not the person suggesting 'depersonalization' as that is accompanied by altered perception of the world and body, which you didn't specify you had).

    i barely feel anything to the news stories or people i know. i only care about my own happiness and the happiness of family and close friends (but moreso family). when i heard about haiti, i had trouble connecting to that.

    you are only a product of our egotistic society (as am i and as are all of us); those are excessively engage in charities and try to help 'those in need' are kidding themselves. BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. be confident in who you are. don't go for bullshit. defend only what is precious to you.

    and honestly, if i heard about the brushfires (which i didn't) i probably wouldn't give a hoot. but its only when bad things happen to US or our families when we are affected.. which is kind of sad but i think has been around for a while.

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  • You sound like they typical jaded teenager, but if I'm wrong, then you should go seek psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY. I also seriously doubt that you are truly emotionless; you've just put up your guard and now you have contracted all the way into your little shell because you can't deal with the fact that it's a mad mad world out there...well that's the way the world is, so do yourself a favor and deal with it sooner rather than later...

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  • Well I wonder if you describing yourself as "Emotionless" is a huge generalization about yourself? Maybe you could clarify some things, do you have a family? Do you love them, care about what happens to them? Pets? If you do have family you care about then you are not emotionless right.

    Now being disconnected from other people and the world is common in our society because we have really gone away from community liveing it's all about getting what you want with no regard for others sometimes, and it also depends on how you were brought up. Did your parents teach you to have compassion for others?

    That being said, I would also like to ask, have you ever hurt anyone or an animal physically? and if yes did you have the same feelings of no emotions? If you have harmed an animal or person and did not feel bad there is a chance your emotionless state is dangerous and you should get help from a psychiatrist immediatley. If you just don't care about things well it sounds like maybe you need to get some counceling and figure out maybe something happened to you in childhood that has made you shut down. Without compassion something is missing forsure.

    Take care

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  • What do you mean you watched the Victorian Bush fires. I don't care about them either. If you want to cry of something, I recommend you watch something worth while.

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  • I have the perfect book to suggest for you to read. It's called Goth, and it's by Otsuichi, I think it's spelled. Anyway, don't get the wrong idea, it's not really about goth people. But check into that, it's perfect for you. It'll make you feel better. It did for me :)

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  • It's just how you are, and that's fine. probablye other people care a lot less than they let on too. It's just that society puts these expectations on us to care about everything and everyone, but I think most people like that are just full of bs.

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  • I get like that sometimes too. I think it's normal. Even though it may be wrong, when I hear of people getting killed on the news, I don't feel anything. That's just me.

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  • Jesus take a community college psych class. You're not emotionless, it's just the monkey sphere at work. Everybody feels the same way. BTW this is the monkey sphere: http://www.cracked.com/article_14990_what-monkeysphere.html

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  • I have gone thru life feeling completely numb. For the most part this is good. The downside is sex. You should at least feel happy or excited about getting your cock sucked.

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  • It's okay. It's not normal, but it's completely harmless. I'm emotionless too and I'm fine and living a normal ten year old life. You're scared of something. If you get over one of your worst fears, your emotions will return. Trust me, I looked it up.

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  • You SHOULDN'T(/don't need to) care about things that don't concern you at all. It sounds like you're still pretty young, and when I was growing up I felt that I was better than others, that I was capable of understanding things that they were too stupid to. That I saw and thought on deeper levels. I paid attention to those around me but I did not feel that I was really in the same world as them - I didn't put that into thoughts, but it felt something like that.

    I grew up in fear & being hopeless about the situation with my parents, I spent my time thinking deeply to understand why things would happen as they would - so that is probably the root to MY feeling that way. However, I did not remain detached and emotionless forever, although feelings of depersonalization still persist. Let me say though that today's popular mental illnesses do not "exist". They are natural reactions to our lives and environments & do not require mind/body altering drugs. You are normal, we are all normal, just different and dealing with different situations.

    What brought me out of that state was finding someone who I legitimately realized was "better" than me, someone I could look up to for the first time, and who I actually respected. A year after I met this person, he died. All of this impacted my life very deeply, taught me many lessons. That is how we learn and grow in life - we experience things that truly affect us, and ALLOW them to affect us.

    I can appreciate who you are right now, but if anyone loves you, it probably hurts them because they want to be a deeper part of your life, and I hope that when/if you enter into such a situation with someone else, that you can still "feel" and be a part of this world. (something in me right now is suspecting that you're thinking you don't want to be?)

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  • That can be a disorder, I've seen a show about it. You need to see someone about that.

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  • Does life feel like a movie?
    are you apathetic?

    let me guess, you haven't slept more than 5 hours a night the last week
    it's called deporsinilization

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  • I guess you're not alone I'm also Emotionless like last week my neighbor's son died in an auto accident he was 13yrs old he was a nice kid to respectful to his parents good grades when his father told me it did not bother me I really did not care and still don't.

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