Embarrassing thing

Is it normal that during sex while he is lying on top of me, my partner keeps biting my hair, tugging and pulling it?
Everything would be ok if it wasn't so painful, and I won't make love while wearing a helmet.

Maybe he has a reason?

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  • Shave your head and see how he reacts.

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  • Sounds like he has some sadist tendencies in the bedroom

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  • Have you thought about telling him what and how you feel ?

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  • Tell him it really turns you off when he fucks with your hair.

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  • That's f'king weird.

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  • I would speak up I'm not into pain bless your own

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  • Please...

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  • To say what I feel...
    I wrote this to be able to reveal what affects me and how hurt I am.
    It is so humiliating. Sad how low one can fall being in Stockholm sydrome.
    Although certain elements of it fill me with fulfillment.
    Because sometimes a person is stuck in a pathological relationship, sometimes deviant, we do ourselves and others a lot of good, sometimes bad, it can't be explained directly in my case.
    It's very complicated because of insurmountable barriers.
    It is literally impossible unless a person cuts himself off from such a relationship, but I have no one else.
    And life goes on.

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    • So you are unable or unwilling to get out of the situation ? I understand the Stockholm syndrome. I have never been victim to it but I understand the abuse part of it. As an adult male I was sexually assaulted while serving in the military. I know when a woman says and means no, or stop, or other terms of denial.
      Also I apologize for my first comment seeming cold and uncaring. We on this end of your post were unaware of your situation. I actually would not know what to suggest to you except to forcibly (if needed) to get out of the situation. You have internet access, and I assume you know an approx address where you are if you needed to call or alert authorities to help you out of the situation.

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    • What fart is this business?

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  • Hes Tarzan..wait till he drags you by your hair to the cave ..

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