Embarrassed of nice body

This probably sounds cringy but I workout a lot and now have a pretty ripped and muscular physique that it makes me not want to take my shirt off if I'm at the pool or something. I dont want to stand out so much. I feel almost like a douchebag with my shirt off because of my body. I realize how backwards that sounds but its actually awkward around a bunch of ppl. Everyone has to make a comment "do you workout all the time dude?" "are you on steroids"

When I am less in shape and slightly fat I dont even think twice about it. Its almost more comfortable when I am abit chubby.

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  • Try having big boobs you can't hide.

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  • Normal, too many stares and compliments can get uncomfortable alongside other guys letting their jealousy show. At least lesbians, asexuals and little kids won’t care how attractive you are, you can take comfort in that.

    And anyway when you’re an old grandpa with more wiry grey hair in your ears than on your scalp you can tell the young whippersnappers about what a stud you were back in the 20s.

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  • You should strive for the middle of steroids and fat

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  • Not normal, don't be embarrassed. First off, who cares what random people think and second, being in shape is something to be proud of.
    You're not a douchebag. If others want that bod they can work for it. Simple as. If someone asks if you're on steroids, tell them they're a faggot and to hit the gym and eat well.

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  • Learn to enjoy all the attention. Not everyone has the privilege of showing off a muscular body.

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  • Perfectly normal.

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