Electric guitar or bass guitar?

Hello, I’ve been playing classical music my entire life. My main instrument at the moment is cello.

I wanted to start guitar, I’m growing bored of cello and I’ve wanted to play guitar for more than a year now.

I don’t know if I should purchase an electric guitar or a bass?

I heard a bass would be easier for me since it’s sort of like a cello. Yet I also really like Electric. Which do you think would be a better instrument for me?

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  • buy acoustic guitar, learn that, once you can palm mute properly, play all the chords and scales, only then buy electric. that's how i learned to play guitar 17 years ago

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  • i think it would be a fresh change if you choose an electric guitar since cello has a few things in common with bass so you might get bored with that quickly.

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  • Cello is a complex instrument. You can handle the guitar.

    Why not do both though? Bass will probably come easy to you once you're on your way with the guitar, seeing as how you already play cello.

    You can never have too many instruments.

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  • Bass guitar 🤘🤙🎸

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  • Cellos are so cool though. And really useful instruments too - a lot of non-classical musicians use 'cello solos. Have you ever tried Apocalyptica? You don't know this instrument until you've heard their all-cello band. You wouldn't know these instruments weren't bass guitars. https://youtu.be/9GDxKddP39Q

    The only reason I don't play any more is problems storing the instrument in my tiny flat.

    If you're sure though, bass guitar is closest to the 'cello. I know of a number of 'cellists who didn't find it hard at all to learn bass. However, the problem I find with bass is that it's of limited use as a stand-alone or solo accompaniment instrument. I've heard some pretty way-out bass solo pieces, but they were the exception to the rule - I get the impression that most bassists play in a band. Given that you can put an fx pedal and a pickup on a 'cello pretty easily these days to both go electric and completely change the sound quality in the event that you should want to play in a contemporary band, in your position I'd ask myself, 'what is there to be gained from the switch?' Not only can a 'cello play a bass-like role in a band, it also boasts beautiful melodic, legato capacities - and if you switched it for a bass you'd be giving that up.

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    • Why don't you get a wall mount to hang up your cello. Then buy a looper. You're the type that could be her own stringed trio all by herself.

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  • Get electric! Learn that you learn both.

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  • Banjo

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  • Since you are a cello player, vertical that thing and start strumming it like it us an upright bass.

    Remember that the bass is almost like percussion and is best trained with a drummer so you are rarely going to be melodic, but 4 strings can be easy to adapt to for you.

    Bass guitars are almost always electric, guitars aren't. Learn to play both. You are already ahead of the game with finger skills and knowledge of music.

    Both can be melodic, try to do this with your cello and you will win all instruments.


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  • The kind of guitar that you can smash on the floor at the end of concerts.

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  • My cousin plays bass for a famous guy. 😎

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  • I like bass because i'm very drawn to funky, low frequency noises. Cello is my favorite classical instrument!

    It depends on what type of music you want to play, like bass is great 4 jazz, but it sounds like you kinda want to step out of your comfort zone & are leaning towards guitar. Maybe you could pick up a cheap one at a garage sale & see if it interests you.

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