Eating unhealthy but exercising

So recently ive started working out again but like i still eat unhealthy so ive decided ill drink water all day but eat any food i want but then at night before bed i workout for an hour and drink water and eat nothing else for the rest of the night. Im wondering will it do anything or am i just wasting time? Has anyone had good results doing something like this?

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  • Both eating healthy and exercising correctly will do your body good and likely extend your life.

    Doing just one will have lessor effect; but is better than doing nothing.

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  • Diet does more than exercise unless you're working out all day long.

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  • When I'm working out I don't eat unhealthily I prefer to have healthy stuff before I work out.

    I usually prefer having all the unhealthy goodness during my cheat days.

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  • as long as you stay in your calorie/carb range then honestly it doesn't matter what you eat, like you could just eat mcdonalds everyday as long as you stay in your daily calorie intake.

    junk food tends to be high in calories and carbs though, so if you're eating unhealthy you wouldn't be able to eat much, like one burger from mcdonalds could be almost half your daily calorie intake compared to eating healthy meals low in carbs/calories so you can eat more meals multiple times a day.

    as long as you work most of the carbs and calories off and not eating like 10 burgers a day you should still be able to lose weight. junk food is still filled with all sorts of processed shit though, you're better off just making home-made meals with fresh veges/meat

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  • this is how i roll and its going very well for me actually :thumbs_up:

    i exercise daily though im an extremely picky eater and my diet consists of mostly instant ramen and takis :upsidedown:

    ive stayed at 110 pounds since i was 13 though it may be in part due to my high metabolism

    good luck with your weight loss journey!

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  • Diet is first

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  • Eating healthy will do your body more good than exercise. Although staying active is still going to help you feel better than if you remain sedentary most of the time. If you feel ok and you're staying somewhat healthy I don't think there's a problem with it.

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