Eat the sunflower seed shell after eating the seed?

Is it normal to eat the sunflower seed shell

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  • I didnt know how to eat sunflower seeds for the longest time so yeah I've eaten the entire seed until I broke the code on how you are really supposed to consume them.

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  • I think the best part about eating sunflower seeds is letting them soak in your mouth until you can pick the shell apart and eat the seed all with your tongue, then spitting the shell out

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  • That's normal. I mean I eat apple seeds with eating the whole Apple.
    Cyanide poisoning for everyone yay...

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  • What do the seeds taste like? I'm growing some right now and was thinking of eating the seeds.

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  • AFTER you eat the seed?? No.

    Eating the seed and the shell at the same time, sure.

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  • They aren't toxic, and they're cellulose, which is just another name for dietary fibre. Most of us don't get as much as that as we should for the good of our gastrointestinal tract, so that's a positive.

    My only concern about this would be that it's possible there might be pesticide residues on or in the hulls. I know nothing about commercial sunflower production or where the sunflowers you eat are grown (Chinese farmers are renowned for their liberal over-use of pesticides), so I don't know if this is something worth worrying about. I wouldn't have any hesitation about eating organic sunflowers whole.

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