Eat match heads

I used 2 eat match heads as a little kid

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  • not normal.

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  • That's a psychological disorder called Pica.

    It's not uncommon for young kids to have fixations on eating odd things with no nutritional value. As long as the stuff isn't toxic or something that's sharp enough to cause internal injuries, it's not a huge deal and most kids grow out of it.

    Since you're still here, I guess the match heads didn't do you any lasting harm.

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    • The thing is .
      I never ate anything else weird ..I thought it might b a deficiency since I know there was sand in the drinking water growing up. I saw it 5 years ago in my moms tea kettle ( instant) so I know it had 2 b in there as a kid.. i .now 60
      .grew up on the bch.
      Who knows?..😄 thnx!


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  • As a kid? Yeah I can see it. Kids put a lot of shit into their mouths. Now oddly as an adult you can pick any object in a room and have a faint idea of what it tastes like and the texture.

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  • Crayons and play-doh were tasty af so I suppose eating match heads isn’t that much worse

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