East Vs West African Women

I take offence when people diss the way West African women look like.

West Africans are stereotyped as to saying that they have big noses, big lips and thick, tight coiled hair.
Whereas East Africans have more Caucasian features with narrow noses, thinner lips and sleeker hair.

It's such a shame how West African women are discriminated nowadays because of our diverse beauty. I've seen some East African women and to my type, they weren't even that pretty.

This isn't jealousy, everyone is beautiful in their own way but just because West Africans look far different from everyone else, doesn't make us inferior.

The society should stop focusing on Biracial/White and start focusing more on Asians and Africans. People should start realizing the beauty deep within West African women and stop dissing them because of your hatred.

And the reason why you find Africans loud and obnoxious is only because we want our voices to be heard after all these years of being shut out and isolated. It's not our fault. We have to survive this way. And unless you've SEEN EVERY SINGLE WEST/EAST AFRICAN WOMEN IN THE WHOLE OF AFRICA you're in no place to judge

I had to say that just in case somebody says something stupid.
Prejudging before they know the real reason.

No judging on other people's comments. Be honest and write on honest comments

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  • If you are an African-American, you are okay. At least you know that sewers are critical for public health, and also that quality infrastructure is critical to first world economic efficiency, high education standards, high living standards, and life expectancy. The smartest people push the other people up to better standards.

    If you are from Africa, you are ignorant. You pour sand into sewers thus destroying them. You shoplift, steal, rape, and piss in the street. You have no idea how wealth is created, nor do you know how disease is prevented. You can fight with rifles and ammunition. You have minimal reading skills. The most stupid Africans pull good people into the abyss.

    Stay away from the rest of the world. We don't want you.

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  • It's true, it doesn't matter to me one bit. I'm an equal opportunity lover.

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  • Nobody cares!

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