Dropping a hint?

A month ago I quit my old job for a different job but I am not getting has many shifts as my manager promised before I quit my old job.
Since the manager noticed I was job hunting she got someone to ask me why? Today at work 3 different people said to me "I really wish it was you working tomorrow but you have days off". Wtf is that suppose to be a hint that reason is because apparently that girl who is working tomorrow is really annoying and won't stop talking.

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  • I'd say that you blew it by letting them know that you are looking for a new job.

    I have only done that once in my life - and only where I personally knew the company owner for decades before I worked for him. He understood why I was looking for a change - and actively supported my search. But that was a very rare situation.

    I've never let any managers or supervisors know that I was looking....

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  • often wondered why employers cant be honest, why they promise hours they cant give or will not. I have left a few jobs because of this.

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