Dreams about exes and random people

I've been in a relationship for 10 months with a man who treats me great. But in the last few months I have had dreams about other people, sometimes in a suggestive way.

A few months ago I had a dream about my boyfriend's most recent ex (I'm a bisexual female). She's actually a nice person, he's still on good terms with her. Not gonna lie, she's really pretty. In this dream I was in the salon where she works and I was flirting with her. She's appeared in a couple other dreams.

About a month ago I dreamed this one guy was seriously coming onto me. I'll try to keep details as short and to the point as possible, but recently he sent me a message out of the blue 5 years after I messaged him (at that time I thought he was pretty attractive). I had a really confusing dream about him again the other night; I thought my boyfriend was next to me at a bar but when I turned around it was the other guy. But that can be chalked up to the fact that I think he resembles him.

I've had two dreams about one guy I was seeing, not romantic or sexual in nature but about his death (he's still alive in real life). That really freaked me out. In both dreams he had some sort of infection that spread to his whole body and killed him. Last night I dreamed about him and another guy I used to see. They're friends with each other but that has nothing to do with why things didn't work with either of them; one is commitment phobic and the other didn't communicate very well and showed signs of using drugs. I don't remember much about last night's dream except it was in a dark room and they were sitting on a couch next to each other, and I was drinking pink Moscato (my drink of choice).

Even when me and my bf have arguments, even when he's yelled at me or said hurtful things, I've never had any desire to be single again or date someone else because I really do love him. However I'm wondering if romantic dreams about other people are some sort of subconscious escape mechanism when we fight? Any thoughts?

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  • The dreams to me sound like wish fulfillment for a better relationship, except for the one where he dies. Death in a dream doesn’t mean a real death, it means a termination. Could be that your subconscious is telling you to break it off. Hope this helps.

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    • Yes, sometimes I do want a better relationship, but I want it to still be with him and not anyone else. I see what you're saying. I want us to be together long term, I just wish he would deal with his anger better and cut back on drinking. And less serious but I want him to not be on TikTok so much because sometimes he gets engrossed in it for hours at a time and I feel like I have to be quiet. This very well could be what my dreams are conveying. In my personal experience, dream meanings often aren't literal. I'd never even think about cheating, that's amoral plus when things are good he treats me VERY good. Thank you for your comment :)

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      • You’re welcome :) I’m glad you got some insight to it. Only the dreamer knows the true meaning of their dream.

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