Dream chic

Imagine tomorrow your wife or your spouse gets hit by a meteorite and brutally dies. What type of chic would you go for after you finish mourning?

If you are single just describe your type of chic.

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  • The one who shares my key dreams and goals in life, is fairly independent, can think and use her brain, accepts me for who I am, and understands the advantages of a long term relationship.

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  • None. I is a strong, independent, man-child who don't need him no lady.

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  • One who helps with the kids and the house work without complaining. Sexy.

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  • Hopefully I can find a nymphomaniac that owns a liquor store.
    Then if I buy an adult shop hell, we be set.

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  • A chic chick

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  • Marieke Bresseleers


    Lol I wish.

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  • one that shares my inner ambitions and desires, and does not judge me or anyone for being who they are

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  • Me personal a christian girl straight out of highschool like 18-23. I think all the good girls get snatched up by guys at a young age so its hard to find a girl in her 30s that doesnt have some baggage or issues. If no one has gotten them by 30 and theyre hot you have to wonder to yourself why. And if you get them too old they're often stuck in their ways. A young girl would be easier to impress.

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