Drawing is like breath to me. is it normal?

If I don't drae for a week, I get crazy and start to scream. The "cure" is draw for some minutes, and I stop get crazy. But if I can't draw (whatever where), I just start to try suicide.

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  • Damn, I wish I still had that kinda motivation for it. What do you like to draw?

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  • Sounds like drawing is your passion in life; drawing is your raison d'etre.

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  • I also kinda have this with drawing, if I don't draw I just feel useless and pathetic. Though it is probably unhealthy for the both of us, I recommend trying to get a second hobby. Whether it be meeting new people, watching movies/tv shows, playing games, riding your bike. Anything so you can get away from drawing for a while

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  • I'm kinda the same way with lifting weights tbh. Whatever you do, don't stop drawing I guess.

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