Don't treat customer's food hygienically because they disrespect you

Someone I know who is not me does this, this person feels that it is justified because he is treated horribly by this regular customer. The manager doesn't care and this person needs this job badly so he is forced to accept mistreatment and disrespect almost every day.

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  • I would never be intentionally rude to the person who was bringing me my food. That's just common sense. Just tell your friend to be careful because if he gets caught doing something gross he could get into very serious trouble

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  • There is this unspoken rule -
    Do not piss off someone who is handling YOUR food.

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  • The Target I work at used to have a food court in it called Food Ave. I worked there, and yeah, people are rude assholes, but at the end of the day, that's life. Your friend either needs to get a new job or shrug it off/deal with it. He can get into some serious trouble if he gets caught, like jail time or getting sued.

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  • I hope they get their permit pulled and lose their job.

    Don't fuck with people's food. If they have a problem with someone they should deal with it directly and not be a coward.

    This is probably why they are forced to accept a shit job in the first place.

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  • People who treat those working in service industries like shit deserve whatever they get.

    What this person you know is doing has a long tradition. Slave owners were always worried that those who prepared and served their food would contaminate it or even poison it.

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  • Personally it’s just a professionalism thing yeah while it is a low ranked job you can try your hardest to make it into something more and be the most efficient motherfucker there and not get hung up on the customer. Because if there is any rule you need to get taught in the world of business it’s this: YOU ARE REPLACEABLE!

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  • I would have fired that person a long time ago!

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  • Its normal.

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