Dog looks like many animals

Ever think your dog looks like various animals depending on the view, or the day, or whatever? Mine was a pitbull mix whom I called cow, Llama, seal, dinosaur, reindeer, or platypus,depending on whatever I felt she looked like that day.

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  • My cat looks like a bunch of different shit. She also plays with a beanie baby cat. She tosses it in the air and catches it. I don’t think she’s actually a cat.

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  • It’s a skin walker.


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  • Had the same problem with my hamster, then I quit doing the drugs. Happy to say she just looks like a hamster now.

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  • I used to have an Alaskan Husky that people would say looked like a mini wolf. Her fur was black and she had pale blue eyes.

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  • from the top when his ears are swept back the dingos head looks like a fighter jet

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  • My sister dressed my Dachshund up as a caterpillar once on Halloween.

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