Dog jumps in pond. stinky

Dachshund jumped in to a pond full of scum, smelled bad, so I gave him a 2 bathes. He still smells like pond scum. Help?

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  • same formula for skunk

    warsh dawg with a mixa bakin soda peroxide & vanilla extract

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  • Youre gonna have to put her down

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  • That shit once happened to a dog I once had. I bathed her like I normally do, then rinsed her in diluted vinegar. It got rid of the stench.

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  • Maybe try the old tomato trick? Apparently this is good for taking away skunk smell so I'm assuming it might work for pond scum smell too? I have a cat lol so I haven't had this issue, just make sure to be careful if your dog has sensitive skin. He's a dachshund so I bet you could make him a pretty good solution out of just one big can of tomato sauce. :)

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