Does this sound like possible adultery to you?

I recently left town for several weeks to help a friend in setting up his new wife began acting differently and was giving me a cold shoulder for weeks before but I didn't think much of it. After I left she often didn't answer my calls and seemed like she didn't want to talk. Her friends have been acting suspiciously and evasive as well. A friend of mine has been dropping hints that something is going on but has never directly said anything.
This is all circumstantial but two things are raising red flags. I caught her lying about where she was by using my vehicles tracking app. She doesn't know the app shows where my truck is sitting. The other is when she decided to get inebriated she told me of a guy from work who made a pass at her. The next day I started asking questions to see if she had lied and the story changed a lot. I told her she had admitted that it happened inside his house when she actually said it was outside and she tripped up and said it was inside on his couch.
Finally when I was on my way home I told her I'd be there soon meaning in a few days she said " oh shit@ where are you?" In a fearful tone.
There is more but this sums it up. Does it sound like she's seeing someone else?

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