Does this mean i'm attractive?

I struggle a lot with figuring out where I land on the beauty scale. Every time I've directly asked if I'm conventionally attractive I've gotten a yes, but, well, people are just nice like that, y'know? Nobodies gonna actually tell me if I'm ugly, right?

Anyways, I went to an interview to work at a place that my dad also works at (it's not illegal because we'd be working in different departments). When I walked in and told them my name, the people behind the desk gave me strange looks, kind of shocked I guess? A few hours after the interview, I went home, then my dad came home, and he started talking about a conversation he had after I left. He said he talked to his coworkers about me and they said "I didn't expect your daughter to look like that, considering that you're her father." And my dad responded with "Are you saying I'm ugly?"

I don't even like my dad so I feel comfortable saying that he is not an attractive man. A lot of people would consider him butt-ugly. Nonetheless, does a conversation like that mean I'm attractive?

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  • Sounds like they were joking with him and implying you were really pretty.

    Did you ever have anyone else compliment you?

    Regardless beauty isn't everything. What sets people apart and makes them even more attractive is their personality.

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  • Only way of knowing that is to post ur picture somewhere, and ask for a number of people for their opinions.

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  • That shows your character or maturity that you say you dont like your dad and slander him like that

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    • Sure! If it weren't for the fact that he used to beat me when I was younger, or that he cheats on my mom regularly, or that he is verbally abusive to my entire family, sure, that would mean I am immature and have bad character.

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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  • I would say it depends on how many guys hit on you but then I remembered guys will hit on any woman. Try making a fake tinder profile and upload your ugliest photos and you'll still get heaps of thirsty men. Other women finding you attractive is a bigger compliment really.

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  • Why would it be illegal for you and your dad to work in the same department?

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  • Try a post on a subreddit called "I'm I Ugly". You post a real picture (selfie) with a code to verify it's really you. Reddit users will post their honest opinions but be warned some users go to far with the hurtful comments.

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