Does the “evil eye” work?

I have this annoying neighbor who wants me to move and I remembered that my Italian grandmother told me that you could bounce back evil to somebody by giving them the evil eye or “il malocchio”. So one day when the guy was outside I pulled up alongside him and gave him my most intense stare directly into his eyes for about 5 seconds and then looked away. My nonna told me that it was very important to be the first to look away.

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  • I was taught this too (Arabic culture) interesting stuff. Not sure if it works but I def believed it did when I was a child.

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    • Well you know he was blowing off stink bombs and skunk bombs towards our house but after I gave him "the eye" he hasn't done it since.

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  • Yeah my grandmother told me that too.

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  • I heard about the evil eye so often...that I started to believe it.

    Anything is possible, right?

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  • Long live Rock/Metal \m/ \m/

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