Does normal exist?

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. What is normal? What does it mean to exist outside of being normal and is anyone truly normal in this day and age anymore?

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  • When I am on this site, I like to distinct between normal in a sense of comformity and normal in a sense of validity. In both cases, yes normal does exist. Normal is either common or acceptable. But in the end it depends on other people. You also have to take in consideration in what context you put yourself. Are you normal for your neighborhood? Are you normal for the country you life in? Are you normal for the time period? For a redhead? You could be normal but your entire town could be abnormal on a global scale. That would make you the abnormal in that peticular town. Western civilization values individuality while eastern civilizations values the norm.

    How much do you value the norm?

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  • It’s funny that we have to answer “is it normal” but the question is “Does normal exist?”

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    • Sorry meant to put this for discussion, not voting.

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  • Normal is what is common, average, of the norm. So yeah normal exists.

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  • How to be a normie:

    1. Don't create anything. Only consume things, like binge watching Netflix.

    2. Don't question authority. Trust what the media tells you, and don't be skeptical about the narrative they are pushing.

    3. Don't try to become financially independent. Don't start your own business. Work from 9-5 until you retire.

    There are a lot of normal people out there, and you don't want to be like any of them.

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  • it depends on what you intend for "Normal", can it be explained or classify?

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