Does it look bad if i'm finishing early?

So recently my first job dropped a bunch of extra work on me. Than moved my work station to a bigger area. I been finishing my tasks in half the time. Which sucks cuase I'm an hourly employee. But my second job gave me More hours and I been doing odd jobs so I not that upset. I currently am doing triple the work in half the time and leaving early so I can nap before school as I have to go to college and than my other job. At this point I kind of want to ask if they will drop me a day cuase I feel like me showing up at all is just kind of a waste at this point. I been here a year and it's not going anywhere.

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  • It's like I've become the ultimate productivity machine. I'm like a human assembly line, cranking out work at lightning speed. My boss must think I have a superpower or something. I should probably ask for a raise, or at least a cape. But honestly, I'm just waiting for the day when they finally realize I don't need to be there and I can just nap all day at home.

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  • It might look bad. Then again, you do have a lot on your plate and you need to prioritize certain things. What matters most to you? Where do you need to make a good impression?

    You can't please everyone. So focus on the business relationships that truly matter. Focus on the job you enjoy the most or the one that rakes in more money. Supporting yourself is important. Also keep going to college. Maybe prioritize college over work. Depends what seems more sensible to you.

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