Does anyone use windows 11?

I heard Microsoft quit support on windows 10?

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  • I have used all Widows since Windows 98, and XP, 7 and 10 are by far the best (though 10 had a terrible bug of deleting some of my files without my permission but that can be fixed by excluding the folders on Windows Defender). Windows Me was the worst ever, Windows 8 is the second worst ever, it tried to rip off smart phones which is totally ridiculous as I use my PC and smart phones for totally different purposes and I don't need to use my computer that way and its really inconvenient for work and stuff. I didn't use Windows 11 but judging by what I seen its going the same Windows 8 way and I definitely am not going for that.

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  • Windows 10

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  • Hell no thats way to much work. Was a bitch and a half getting my games compatible with 10 I'm not redoing it for 11

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  • Microsoft has said support for Windows 10 will continue until October 2025, so there's no urgent need to update to 11.

    Although I replaced the motherboards and CPUs of all four of our family PCs last year and they all run Windows 10, all of them failed the Windows 11 compatibility checker due to TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure Boot issues. I'm sure that's a very common issue with all but brand new machines. Since I've seen nothing about 11 which makes me believe we should upgrade as soon as possible, I can't be bothered to try to sort out the problems at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if, as 2025 approaches, MS accepts that there are a huge number of machines which won't move to 11 unless they change things.

    As it happens, I'm away from home at the moment and writing this on a Dell laptop released in 2009. It had serious issues with Windows 10, so I installed Linux Mint and it works very well.

    Linux has a reputation for being only for computer geeks and the cryptic command line stuff does feel like a reversion to the bad old days of DOS. But there are several versions of Linux (called "distributions" or "distros" in Linux jargon) which are very easy to install and have graphical interfaces which are very Windows-like. Mint, Linux Lite, Zorin and Kubuntu for example. If all you need is basic internet and productivity stuff and you'd like to get away from the ever tightening straight-jacket of MS, you might consider investigating these.

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  • I'm not using Windows 11 yet.

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  • Yes, I use windows 11. I have an acer Swift 1 which originally had Windows 10 but decided I wanted to try using Windows 11. a lot of changes were made to how i usually use my laptop, but I have gotten used to it over time.

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