Does anyone else sleep with a nightlight?

I’m a grown adult yet I still sleep with a nightlight, I can’t sleep without one and it terrifies me to go one night without a light.

Does anyone else do this?

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  • I don't know if this is uncommon, but I can sleep regardless of the lighting conditions. I can fall asleep in broad daylight with sun shining through my window, or in pitch black darkness.

    I like the dark though even when I'm awake strangely. I find an odd comfort in darkness.

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  • I can sleep without one I just hide under the covers. But I can’t get up without light or else I’m terrified something is going to grab me.

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  • I do too. But for me, if I can't find my glasses in the middle of night for that bathroom trip (sometimes I fall asleep with glasses on),my vision is so bad now that if it's dark I will for sure step on, kick, or run toes into something. that shit hurts the toes, middle of night. Besides then I don't need to turn on full on light to go winkle.(take a leak). Since my vision is bad enough that I also can't see sometimes if I'm hitting my mark. I hate missing the mark, so many times I will even sit down to take care of business. It really sucks being told you are legally blind.

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