Does anyone else love unspeakablegaming

Does anyone else like watching unspeakablegaming's videos. I like to watch them for like three hours straight. If you don't know who he is check his out YouTube channel at

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  • I am a tactical person, 4th generation U.S. Military, Born and bred to communicate or suffer the consequences of a very thick leather belt, communication was top priority and thus I went through two X wives which lacked it, It is sad that we live in a society that lacks proper communication and its skills, Unspeakablegaming is just lazy and self absorbed. Now I know this is a stream so I am sure the guy is communicating and your not hearing it just the music, But I have honestly played with people that do not tell me what they came upon like loot that I need, Here I am in Apex Legends looting as fast as he and I click and hit what I don't need and tell everyone what I stumbled upon, Like Helmet armor, Body armor and shields, being the essential, I swear one day I followed him and he had passed by a level 3 body shield and I had a level 1, He didn't even clicked on it or tell anyone hey there is one right here. I quickly noted he was hiding the worst defect any human being could posses, He was Narassasistc which has no cure or medicine, the worst and most dangerous illness any human being can ever posses and has led to more conflict in death in history than any other illness, I quickly took him off my friends list and ban him from everything I knew him from. Mind you he has been doing this for months and always felt so equipped in games with him, the reason why I found out is why was I heavily equipped in games without him and less equipped in games with him? the other clue that gave him up was that he would get everything he needed for him self and then force us all to go into a battle that we could of avoided because he was equipped and we where not.

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  • My brother watches him all the time

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