Does anybody else feel like they don't have any close friends?

I often times feel like I don't have any close friends. That my current friends are just ancillary and that I don't share a meaningful bond with any of them.

Now, I obviously think that they all like me or they wouldn't be my friends in the first place, but... I just get the feeling like I couldn't turn to any of them in troubled times or rely on any of them to help me. They simply feel like people to hang out with and nothing more.

I get this feeling the most whenever I send a message to one of my friends and it just gets ignored for multiple days. It just seems like none of my friends really care about me or think about me. I tend to feel like I'm just a person they see sometimes, not a person who's actually a part of their lives.

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  • I have a very small handful of close friends (maybe 2 or 3), and am very close to my family. Everyone else is what I like to refer to as "arm's length". We enjoy each other's company, but are not necessarily close.

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  • My dog is my true friend.

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  • My Dad once told me when I was younger "when you get older you'll be lucky if you have just one true friend"

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  • What's a close, best, real, friend? Haven't had one of those probably for 30 years or more. Everytime I think I've met someone that could fit in that role. I quickly see it's all about them and what they can use me for.

    I'm better alone don't like counting on somebody to be there and they let you down or don't have the time for you.

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  • Yea It happens to me, bin there aswell

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  • Yeah I felt like that for every year of my life except for a 5 year period when I met my best friend and we became close, inseparable, like brothers. He took his life in May 2020 so turns out we were separable after all. Miss him every day.

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  • Shit I dont. I count my girlfriend as my best friend so it works out.

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