Doctors really aggravate me

My beautiful hands were injured during an arrest nearly 4 years ago. I think I have a nerve compression from thd handcuffs that make my hands weak and prone to dropping things. It can get annoying.
What is even worse, when I go to doctor's they either 1. Think my problem is some sort of funny joke or that I deserved it to happen, or 2. Belive that I just want to sue police for a "fake" injury.

And I get no adequate medical help. I feel like slicing my wrists open and performing the nerve decompression surgery myself. And I wouldn't have to be humiliated by doctors. I should just lie and say I was a victim of human trafficking and they used zip tkes on me. Then I bet I would get all the concern and healing my wrists deserve. And it is a shame I feel like i need to take it that far.

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  • It's not like you are stuck with that doctor forever. Can always switch.

    You also dont know that doctors specific track record of the quality of patients they receive. The opioid epidemic is still going on, tons of people fake having crippling pain.

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  • Doctors, like people in any profession, can be very judgmental. They (some of them) don’t just stick to the facts, and they hate any problem that’s unusual or for which they don’t have a clear answer for right in their book.

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  • Not normal, this is a serious problem with your wrists. 🙁

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  • Did you have a strong father figure in your house growing up

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  • For what were you arrested?

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  • Yeah those doctors sound like jerks

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  • Have you gotten an electromyography(EMG) test done? That will tell you if you have nerve issues. I went to a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist after a car accident(other driver fled the scene btw). They did it on me to figure some stuff out since my neck was bothering me. They concluded that a pinched nerve in my neck was a concern. They wrote me a prescription for an MRI, I went to a radiology place and wound up finding out I had a herniated neck disc that was fucking with my arm. A couple months of physical therapy fixed it right up and I just do exercises at home to maintain the progress.

    I suggest you keep looking for a different doctor that can write you a referral to get tests done. You really don't have to tell them why you need it.

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