Do you think this is normal?

Is that not a belief? Biologically there are only two. All others are recent and started on social media. So is it normal to suspend a student for a belief? He didn't say anything against it, he simply stated his belief.

Is It Normal?
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  • No its not ok in my opinion.

    Its sheer hypocrisy when the liberals get outraged when you teach their kid conservative values (like 2 genders) but dont mind when schools teach kids liberal values (infinite genders and it being ok)

    I dont think its a schools place to teach values. Thats the parents job. This is why teachers arent allowed to teach about religion in schools.

    California has a mandatory sex ed class to graduate and it has gender studies in it where they teach kids that being transgender is perfectly normal and all you have to do is identify and you're then transformed. I dont want my kids being taught that so as a middle ground we shouldnt teach their kids the opposite.

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