Do you think that..

Do you think its normal that i want be a e sportler in league of legends? I personally think that my skill is good enough, i just have a few problems with my macro play and farming... Do you think that i have a real chance or am i just naive...

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  • Maybe you should talk to some people in the competition and show them what you got to see if they think you're good enough.

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  • I say it's normal to want to go into professional e-sports, especially for a game like league. (not knocking league at all,I used to play myself) Since the controls are pretty basic, there are no crazy button combinations involved, it's easy to imagine yourself playing at a top level. Where other competitive games like starcraft or streetfighter make your head spin with what's required of the player. When you compare yourself with the pros, the only difference between your play and theirs would be something like farming, since you can actually witness it. But all the; situational awareness, communication / team synergy, mental game aspects aren't as easy to recognize. There's so much more than just being individually good at the game that matters to a pro player. It's also a shit career. Yeah it's fun, but the players make nothing in terms of how much they compromise to become a professional.

    I think Sky (whether you like his stuff or not) made a pretty good video discussing the issue. Here if you want it:

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  • no, unless you're korean

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    • Still woul be enough for lcs then :p.

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