Do you think mtv had a good or bad impact on music?

Would you say that MTV overall had a good, or bad impact on music?

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  • I used to watch MTV all the time when they played music and some of the early Real Worlds. Now I don't care for anything on it but Ridiculousness and some movies. I think it did help promote musicians when it first started.

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  • I would say good. They gave a lot of bands and artists exposure that may have been hard to get otherwise during the pre-Internet era. I admittedly don't know enough about the music industry to comment any further on it, though.

    I do love music videos, especially the older ones, and think early MTV looked so cool! The first couple of hours of MTV is on YouTube (with some copyrighted stuff cut out, unfortunately), and I really enjoyed watching it!

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  • Neither.

    Mtv was mostly cookie cutter pop music for preteens in the late 1990's (IMO). Britney Spears, N'sync, Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter just to name a few. After the early 2000's MTV was mostly reality crap shows 24/7 and less about music.

    Music is subjective so don't hate on my comments. 😬

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    • Damn, that music sucked balls.

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