Do you think kavanaugh will be more moderate than is expected?

Despite all the hoopla that surrounded his nomination, Justice Brett Kavanaugh did clerk under Kennedy. If we can all put our pussies in our pocket for a moment, we might have a justice that emulates Kennedy in being a potential swing vote. Kagan high fived him, she hired him at Harvard, and it is not uncommon for justices to not be as liberal/conservative as the presidents that appointed them would like. Roberts has proven to have a more moderate disposition than Bush would have preferred; perhaps Kavanaugh will lean more towards the center than conservatives expect.

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  • The media would have us believe everyone on either side is a fringe lunatic radical. Not so. Most people are pretty moderate.

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  • Kavanaugh has a paper trail a billion miles long, and a history as a partisan Republican. It's very obvious that he's a staunch conservative.

    Roberts was nominated with a very short paper trail - they hired him more for his resume, and didn't have clear evidence that he was going to be a doctrinaire Republican.

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  • I think any chance of Kavanaugh getting co-opted by the Left on any issues went out the window when they gave him the Clarence Thomas treatment.

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