Do you think it's possible for a couple to break up if

They live together for 4 years?

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  • It's possible. I've known people who have broken up after 20 years. The amount of time a couple stays together doesn't determine if they'll be together forever.

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  • My ex and I were together for almost ten years. They cheated for at least nine maybe even started before we were considered a couple. So we broke up after nine years but really I should say we broke up after a year. They just forgot to tell me.

    So short answer, yes time doesn't make a difference.

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  • My ex and I moved in together after 6 months and we’re together 7 years. So, yeah.

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  • No it's illegal at that point.

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  • Of course it is. I have.

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  • No, not really, that was quite a few years ago. We are actually still friends, we had kids together. So kind of had to maintain a little bit of a connection. I just finally came to the conclusion, they had a different concept of marriage than I did.

    They grew up and watched their dad have various flings and thought that was how marriage worked. Fidelity never entered the picture or crossed their mind. I was just the opposite at the time. Young, believed you found your special someone and lived happily ever after.

    So they moved on found another person that believed as they did and screwed whoever and whenever they wished. Me, I found a special person but never really got my whole heart back. So now I'm more open to involving others and mixing genders. For me it comes down to trust issues, I just assume one day they're all going to screw you over one way or the other.

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