Do you think buying pc game from gaming store is a good choice?

My niece is very much fond of playing PC games. So, next month as I am celebrating his 10 birthday, so I had decided to Destiny 2 kaufen game. One of my friend had suggested me to purchase this game from Instant Gaming ( store. Do you think buying PC game from this gaming store is a good choice?

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  • Nephew.

    Buy it from wherever you like.

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  • Ya, it is good. Destiny 2 is such a shit game tho. Buy him a nice game like Hunie Pop, Doki Doki Literature Club or Deus Ex, the old one where you say all the time "What a shame".

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  • Go for it, and good luck to you in starting your own business...

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  • Games are fine to buy from almost anywhere. The place you said should be as good as any.

    However, I buy all my games used, and in good to very good condition on Ebay. They work perfectly well.

    Some games that you'd have to pay $30 for in a game store cost around $15 on Ebay.

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    • When are you starting the next war?

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  • An excellent choice.

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