Do you think Bigfoots, Ghosts, Ufo's are real?

There is so much on the Telly(TV) about the subject. I do feel very compelled to watch these types of shows. I do wish to believe but nobody ever produces any concrete evidence.. So I do feel alot of these programees are staged.

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  • All of those are fake

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  • I bet Bigfoot rips some pungent ass farts. Just imagine what mighty mud-snakes he must birth while squatting in the forest.

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  • Although there is a lot of coverage on the subject, most of it is pretty dated. So think about it, everyone has phones now, we all have a handy little camera in that phone. Has there been many bigfoot or ufo sightings on instagram or snapchat? Not really. SO if they did exist, there would be a lot more photographed evidence.

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