Do you tailgate on the road?

I have to do a lot of driving on the highway to get to work and I notice that people around here love tailgating. Even if there's no other cars and the guy behind you can easily switch lanes, he will wait to switch lanes until he's about a foot off your bumper.

Sometimes I see damned lines, long lines, of people all tailgating each other at once. In the fast lane. It's like they think there's some kind of aura around their car that's pushing the car in front of them so everyone somehow goes faster. Meanwhile, yep, there's another accident and gridlock congestion, I wonder why.

It's the guys that weave that do this the most. One guy was so keen on being as close to my car as possible--the entire time he was weaving around me--that he almost pit maneuvered himself. I'm in a waaay less expensive car than you, man. You maybe want to watch it before you drive yourself even further into credit card debt?

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  • I never tailgate

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  • Move bitch get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way!

    I will tailgate when you in the fast lane driving slow and all the slow lanes are empty. Get outta my way. Stop clogging the fast lane with your cheapo car. I got places to be.

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