Do you play with your dog everyday?

How much attention 5, 10, 30 min? what activity do dogs do by their self that keeps their attention?

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  • i let my dog out several times a day in the backyard and either sit and watch him or play with him like throwing a ball or frisbee around (i don't let him out without supervising because he's under one year old and i have pet chickens in the backyard so i don't 100% trust him yet alone in the backyard) a couple times a week i'll go out in the night and give him a 15 - 20 minute walk.

    other than that he's pretty much content to just chill in my room or in the lounge, he's a surprisingly relaxed dog despite being part border collie lol.

    dogs love to chew, if you want something to keep them busy by themselves give them raw bones like a chicken wing or something. other things like beef tendons, pizzle sticks, etc. are also great and can have them occupied for a while. another idea is getting a toy with a hole or something in it and putting in treats or a bit of peanut butter, they'll stay busy trying to get the food out of the toy or licking it.

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  • I have a very large and active property with many animals so my dog is always kept busy, about a dozen people come and go everyday and they always bring their dogs with them. I think the only time my pup isn’t playing or exploring is at night

    My situation is very unique though, I think anyone with a dog who has a yard should consider getting a fence and letting the dog have access to the yard whenever they please, or just establishing a very good boundary system.

    For those with dogs who do not have access to a yard, dog parks and hiking, multiple walks a day, are really necessary basics of dog ownership. They have pet friendly cafes these days too.

    Breeds are important. I would not recommend working/herding/sport dogs for anyone that does not have yard access. There are breeds that make excellent apartment pets and are very happy without a load of stimulation. Dogs rely on outside stimulation much more than other pets do, they usually want to play with someone rather than by themselves

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  • the dingo goes out the door first thing in the mornin and patrols the woods for an hour or two then lays on the patio and has a nap

    if its a nice day he dont wanna come in for breakfast till mid afternoon

    ill go out and play with him but hes not much into fetchin or stuff like that hes more of a keepaway player but hes 5x as fast as me

    after his late night dinner he goes out on a rope cause theres coyotes out and then hes more into fetchin and tugowar and such since hes right there

    he also gets brushed on the porch often

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  • Yes.

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  • Dog spelled spelt is southern huh?)

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  • Dog spelt backwards is god. So if you have a lap dog backwards is gods pal. So therefore humans from the beginning of time did the stuff or whatever. Id say about 5 minutes just to be safe.

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